Mixing Services

Professional Mixing Services Sacramento

Mixing music, recording and producing records has been a lifelong passion of Raspberry Sky Haus. As a professional mix engineer, recording engineer, and record producer, We feel very lucky and fortunate to have been able to surround ourselves with inspiring individuals who share our affection for music. Book your mixing session now!

Remote Mixing Services Saves Money

Raspberry Sky Haus has worked with hundreds of artists since it began. Although we currently reside in Sacramento, We’ve remotely mixed records for people in France, Germany, Brazil, Australia, England, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Romania and the United States. We are also available for sit-in mixing services, sit-in sessions are about double the price compared to our remote mixing services

Affordable & Professional Mixing

As the music industry changes so are the types of projects that were recording and mixing. Five years ago recording artist with six figure mix budgets were quite normal within the major label circuit, and although we have been a part of that process, I’ve found an increased demand for work from artists and musicians who record independently and without a label’s pocketbook, yet still want the most “bang for their buck”.

Mixing Services = Peace Of Mind

Not only would we like to help artists give their songs the best chance in the ever growing and very competitive market but to also give you peace of mind to know that regardless of where you live in the world, Raspberry Sky Haus can give your music the sound it deserves. Mixing records is a skilled art, and while the recording process is important, it’s the mix that finalizes and glues the artist’s vision.

Mixing – Sliding Scale (Does not include tuning or cleanup) * Based  on Track Count

1-8 Tracks $150       8-16 Tracks $300      16-24 Tracks $450      24-48 Tracks $600

Mixing can be done completely “In The Box” (from the computer), We also provide remote mixing at discounted rates!